I trained as an architect in the UK, and have worked as an artist, designer and filmmaker. In parallel I have taught in art colleges in England and France, with solo and group exhibitions in both countries.

I live and work in Normandy, France.

Finalist in the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2022.

Article on the selected project in LensCulture. 

Shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival 2022

Although visually at first glance my work would seem to be diverse, almost arbitrary in its lack of coherence, this is in fact a result of my working method and its relation to my central theme, that of 'materiality'. Influenced by the theoretical work of Bruno Latour, Manuel Delanda and Graham Harman, I see all 'objects' (for me object and event being identical) as having an equal potential for expression. This leads me to approach each project as a dialogue with the 'object' that interests me and it is the outcome of this discussion that produces the particular visual solution.

However it is necessary in practice to make a selection of subject matter from the multiplicity that surrounds us. I am interested in the past and the traces left for us to decipher, and the problems this poses for the writing of 'history' and issues of truth, objectivity etc. The other territory that fascinates me is that of classification, taxonomy and documentation, for example historical photographs, that I analyse describe, manipulate and dissect. Text is sometimes included in my work, but rather than incorporate it directly I leave it as an independant entity alongside and in association with the images. This fits with my general attitude to presentation where often the elements are framed individually to form 'assemblages'.