Ian Jackson trained as an architect in the UK, and has worked as an artist, designer and filmmaker. In parallel he has taught in art colleges in England and France.

He lives and works in Normandy, France.

Finalist in the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2022.

Article on the selected project in LensCulture. 

Shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival 2022

The diversity of direction and style of my work is due to my working method. I am not constrained either by subject orientation or by personal plastic technique. I have no technical constraints! The computer supplies the technical solutions in all its various forms whether it be for a photograph, a drawing /diagram, a text work or a combination of all of these. All are constructed by pixels in the end.  I can simply select what mode of working seems appropriate for a particular piece of work. The work itself directs the end result. Some work projects just end up being spare and understated, others generate a solution that is energetic and complex. 

Generally my work is informed by science, philosophy and history/historiography. I use objects, events and documents as my point of departure  The totality of object/event is my subject, a world made in equal importance and significance, without hierarchy.

The three thematic categories that I have used to organise and curate this site are: 

The Unknown Event; which explores the nature and status of the event. 

The Burden of Mystery; a quotation from the letters of Keats, and relates to his ambiguous idea of negative capability. 

The Extension Continuum; a quotation from Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality that suggests the understanding of the things we percieve as a continuum of extensive relations.

You can contact Ian Jackson on ijfineart@orange.fr or by the contact page