T ruby field .jpg

Ruby Field



Inkjet using archival pigment on conservation grade paper 

Overall dimensions 

280 x 200

This series Territories (miniature) uses original photography that has usually been manipulated digitally, but not always. The image is then cut using a profile that responds to the elements of the image deemed important to be contained. This process has been influenced by notions of territorialisation in assemblage theory.

The small scale and small format of the images including the designated white space are a gesture against the spectacular and in addition to create a more intimate association with the viewer

T forest.jpg


T red bridge 1 copy 3.jpg

Red Bridge



T moss.jpg


T red planet.jpg

Red Planet

§§final base east of borneo after Joseph cornell copy 2.jpg
T black pear .jpg

Black Pear

T rock accumulations.jpg

Rock Accumulations

T night garden.jpg

Night Garden

T between states.jpg

Between States

East of Borneo