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Ian Jackson Poet/Artist

My work is based on a large on-going archive/catalogue of my creative practice, that includes photography, drawing, text, and assemblages of these. All are constructed or processed digitally.

This hybrid archive/catalogue is manifest in two ways. First as a collection of images of standard format, and then as a classified inventory that operates also as a commentary. These two will supply the installation in a physical space, allowing a fluid set of structures that can explore the issues of flat ontology and description as knowledge. Each image contains a reference number that links it to the catalogue. The individual components (images) become a record of an artwork not the work itself. 

The work becomes a form of descriptive taxonomy of my production, and mimics an anthropological record. Each work is the same yet distinct and variable. Quantity and range are as important as content.


Portrait of the boy as a young artist.  2021/2023

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